11 reasons why Thailand is the number 1 Destination Wedding location for Indian Couples

Indian weddings are known for their flamboyance, extravagance and grandeur. An elaborate guest list that runs into hundreds, extravagant décor, expensive sarees, shiny jewellery, sumptuous food and lavish festivities that could easily last a week are just a few of the things that go into making a ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’.

Cremony in thailand wedding
Brilliant fireworks during a Destination Indian wedding at Hua Hin, Thailand


Nowadays, with the bride and groom being more actively involved in planning their wedding, not only are Indian weddings changing in form, but couples are also more open to looking at exotic destinations for their special dayA destination wedding is a refreshing change and many couples seem to be making Thailand their destination of choice.

Indian couple Pre-Wedding shoot at Rayong, Thailand
An amazing couple (the bride was in New Zealand and the groom in Kenya) who planned their own Destination Wedding @Rayong, Thailand.

Here are 11 reasons why Thailand is the number 1 Destination Wedding location for Indian Couples:

1. Ease of accessibility:

Thailand is only 3-4 hours away from most Indian cities by air and affordable flight options make these South-East Asian destinations an obvious winner.  With Bangkok being an international hub, it’s easy to fly in from any part of the world, especially for couples who have family and friends living the world over.

Friends of the couple who flew down from all over the world for the wedding


2. No visa required:

Indians get the option of availing visa on arrival for a 15-day period.

Best Wedding Photographer Mangalore | Beach Couple Photography India
An early morning Pre-Wedding shoot

3. Wedding services are tailored for Indians: 

An increasing number of Indian weddings take place in Thailand. Wedding planners, vendors and Indian photographers based in Thailand are equipped to cater to the Indian palate, sensitivities, traditions, décor and any other culture-specific requirement. Anoop, who is based out of Thailand is one such example as he specialises in shooting Indian weddings in Thailand.

Best Destination Wedding Photographer Rayong Mariott | Indian Venue Decor Panorama Photography Thailand
Fantastic Wedding decor by the beach from one of the amazing Wedding Planners in Thailand

4. Ease of planning and coordinating:

Couples can coordinate and plan their wedding from any remote corner of the world as the wedding planners are always a step ahead and take care of everything. Transportation, décor, venue, food, vendor coordination etc. is handled by the planner, giving you the luxury of peace of mind.

A couple from India who planned and executed their Wedding @Phuket, Thailand

5. Non-stop music all night long:

Music and entertainment, a part and parcel of every Indian wedding, can go on all night as no curfews are applicable in Thailand.

A typical Sangeet celebration and party from an Indian Wedding

6. Alcohol is affordable:

Alcohol is not heavily taxed and can be served at any time of day* in Thailand.

An after party moment from an Indian Wedding @Phuket, Thailand

* with the exception of Buddhist holidays. Hotels are able to still serve alcohol, but some smaller restaurants not.

7.Value for money: 

Hotels are available at every price point. One can find basic hotels or resorts to suit one’s budget or decide on a luxury, 5-star resort. Many hotels are customised to cater to big Indian weddings and are equipped to accommodate all the guests in one location.

A typical mid-range 5-Star resort @Hua Hin, Thiland

8.Thailand is known for its infrastructure:

Be it roads, airports, connectivity to other islands, beach resorts or just the experience of a new world of conveniences and comforts, Thailand has it all.

A Panorama shot of the Bangkok skyline

9. The Land of Smiles: 

With decades of experience in welcoming tourists and offering them impeccable hospitality every step of the way, Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles.

A Thai dance performance at a Thai Wedding ceremony of an Indian Couple

10. A wide array of wedding choices:  

Every couple gets the freedom to choose the type of wedding and ceremony that they both agree on without having to make any compromises. 

A Water Ceremony during a Thai Wedding

11. Thailand has the perfect blend of beautiful beaches and lavish jungles:

It’s an ideal choice for a romantic couple’s shoot with places like Hua Hin, Phuket, Krabi, Samui or Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Khao Yai which set the perfect mood for a beautiful and memorable destination wedding.

Turquoise waters @Koh Lipe, Thailand

An aerial shot from Sanae beach showing the seated Buddha and Hua Hin town in the distance

So you see, it’s not by sheer luck that Thailand has risen to being the first choice of destination for weddings. In Thailand, couples find a haven of convenience, comfort, affordability, variety and a home away from home. A place that gives them everything they would get in India and an exotic destination, all rolled into one.

Thank you for your time and hope you found this article informative.

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