Surprise Proposal Photography Bangkok: Melissa & Vivek

Check out this preview from a wonderful surprise proposal photography session at the Lumpini Park in Bangkok, Thailand. Many thanks to the couple Melissa and Vivek for letting me capture these precious and truly amazing moments! Special thanks to Vivek’s cousin Tuhina and her husband Abhishek for their organising and coordinating skills.

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A Surprise Proposal photography session:

I got the call just a day before the actual proposal date. The couple were travelling from Detroit to Bangkok for a holiday, so the groom-to-be had entrusted the hiring of the photographer to his cousin (who was based in Bangkok). Luckily I was free for the shoot. To be honest – I was a bit nervous as there was no time to plan the shoot and scout the location.

Tip: Give the photographer an advance notice of 2-3 days to scout for the locations and to plan for the surprise proposal photography session.

The original plan was that Vivek would do the proposal at the King Rama 9 park in Bangkok which was quite a distance away from my place. To get a feel for the location, I went in early (start time planned was 1pm). I reached the venue at 11am – only to find that the park was closed in honour of the recent demise of the Thai King, His Majesty, King Bhumibol.

After lots of phone calls with the cousin, who in turn was whatsapping the groom-to-be, we decided to change the venue to Lumpini Park in the city centre. I raced to the venue and reached at 12.45pm, barely in time for a quick recce. And I was also hoping the couple would use the correct entrance (I did inform them) as there were many different entrances to the park. I barely had time for a quick look-around, when I saw them walk through the gates. Vivek, the groom-to-be had shared their photos with me beforehand and also let me know what they are wearing, which really helped!

The Stalking…

The couple enter the park and they start walking around. At this point – Mel has no idea that she is being stalked and Vivek is not sure if I have seen them enter.
I had to let Vivek know that I am on the job, so I whatsapped him and very subtly revealed where I was. He then passed by me and gave me a subtle sign to acknowledge.
The next step was to ensure that Vivek lets me lead and follows me (subtly of course!) so that I get shots from the front as opposed to shots of their backs! Well done to the man for ensuring it went well.
The park has a public gym and the muscle men think-  I am shooting them. Mel might have noticed me and my Nikon D500 camera & 70-200 lens at this point, but as far she is concerned – I’m just another photographer at the park.
Vivek is being the perfect boyfriend and ensuring Mel is busy while I do my thing.
The couple now walk towards a bench which was decided as ‘the’ place for the proposal. The couple however have to wait for couple of Chinese tourists to finish up.

The Proposal…

I parked myself opposite to the bench and pretended to be reviewing my images. The following images speak for themselves.

surprise-proposal-photography-thailand-marriage-proposal-ideas-photos8 surprise-proposal-photography-thailand-marriage-proposal-ideas-photos11 surprise-proposal-photography-thailand-marriage-proposal-ideas-photos12 surprise-proposal-photography-thailand-marriage-proposal-ideas-photos13 surprise-proposal-photography-thailand-marriage-proposal-ideas-photos14 surprise-proposal-photography-thailand-marriage-proposal-ideas-photos16

She said YES!!


All is well. In the end – Mel did figure out that I was there to shoot the proposal. However she said that she hadn’t noticed me before – well done me!
Oh the excitement of meeting the culprits who helped set this proposal up – Vivek’s cousin and her husband.

Pre-Wedding Shoot…

Time for some Pre-Wedding shoot now….



Thank you for your time and hope you enjoyed this preview.

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