anoop-photography-wedding-photographer-phuketAnoop.Photography Priceless Moments: Framed

The characters, the journey, the story. The essence of living every moment and the idea of preserving it for an eternity is what I have to offer you.

A body of work that includes over 200 multi-cultural weddings, across some of the most vivid locations internationally, with the most vibrant spectrum of people and cultures. I specialise in freezing moments that capture every emotion, every small anecdote that brings out your story. The beautifully adorned bride in whose eyes you can see a mixture of joy and anxiety, the thrill in the groom’s smile, the mischievous eyes of the friends, the proud parents beaming with child-like innocence, the profound ceremonies.

My philosophy at work is to let you live the moment while I do what I love and do best – preserve your moments in palpable images which will speak to you for years and years to come. Images which will make you nostalgic every time you look at them. To me, each occasion brings its unique flavours and with every shoot I capture a unique story. 

A seasoned photographer, I come with years of experience in candid photography across multiple occasions (which includes Corporate Events) and varied clientele and use only the best equipment to capture your moments. Based out of Thailand and India, I have worked across an impressive array of countries – England, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and India. 

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