Phuket for your Pre-Wedding Photography and Familymoon!

The Great Phuket FamilyMoon

Phuket and Pre-Wedding/Honeymoon, sound like an awesome plan! But a familymoon?

From the hidden Lagunas to the extravagant street art, from the beaches to the gardens, and the beauty of every sunrise and sunset; each different from the other. A lot of newlyweds, consider Phuket as their honeymoon destination. But here is why this one is different!

Nancy and Philip, are of Chinese origin settled in the US. When Philip popped the question and Nancy agreed, they decided to tie the knot a little differently. Rather than spending on a ceremony and inviting a few hundred guests, they decided to keep it simple. With an official registration of their marriage, they packed their bags, booked their tickets and with their families were off to PHUKET.

When they contacted me, I was excited, as they wanted to capture their story while keeping their family around, and it was interesting to see such a fresh take on weddings. We moved around the city and tried to keep it natural. We took a few shots while they got ready, surrounded by their family and a few where they merged with the tradition of Phuket. We explored the city in all its glory! We went from the cliffs to the beaches and even parts of Old Town. We made the king a part of a few pictures and explored different styles of photography. The mighty drone, gave us some amazing shots while the pristine waters and the colorful streets were amazing backdrops.

While Nancy, Philip, and their whole family enjoyed what Phuket had to offer, they surely went back with some great memories and pictures to help remember it.

So if you are one of those who wants a quiet wedding, read through, select your destination wisely and go have some fun!


The amazing street art of Phuket Old Town. This one is dedicated to King Bhumibol Adulyadej who was an avid photographer himself.

Phuket and It’s awesome cliffs at Ya Nui Beach.

The spectacular beaches like the Kamala Beach in Phuket

The Phuket Old Town and its colourful architecture

The pristine waters. Rawai beach is one the 30 beaches you can find at Phuket


The luxury hotels and their private pool villas in Phuket. This is the Cool Water Villa at Kamala Beach.

The quirky colours

The endlessly long beaches…

The food and drinks!

Did we mention the beaches?

The picturesque temples

The hidden Lagunas

The misty mornings

The romance

… And more romance

Those peaceful morning walks…

… The obligatory jump shot at the beach

… The cheesy feeling of utter happiness in paradise

The lush gardens

And sumptuous jungles

That morning beach run

The spectacular bays


The endless sunsets


Phuket’s hidden parks

The nightlife!

Thank you for visiting.

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